Department of Information Technology
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur

Areas of Research

Arindam Biswas

Digital Geometry and Image Analysis, Medical Image Analysis


Chandan Giri

3D IC Testing, NOC Testing, Sensor network


Hafizur Rahman

Logic Synthesis, VLSI Design and Test, CAD for Microfluidic Biochip, Nanotechnologies including Reversible Computing


Indrajit Banerjee

Mobile computing, pervasive computing, sensor network.


Malay Bhattacharyya

Computational Molecular Biology, Crowdsourcing, Big Data Analysis


Prasun Ghosal

Performance-centric, Power Aware Design of Nanoscale Integrated Circuits, Emerging Technologies for Next Generation High Performance Computing and Communication


Santi Prasad Maity

Digital Image Watermarking : Optimization, Communication Theoretic, Signal Processing and Wavelet Theory Based, Soft-computing, Access control, Error Concealment, Reversible Watermarking, VLSI Architecture

MC-CDMA : Power and Spectral Efficient System Design, Multi User Detection, Optimal Power Control

Cognitive Radio : OFDM based System, Spectral Sensing and Compressive Sampling, Integration of CR with Wireless Network

Physical Layer Security : Power control in Information Theoretic Security

Optical Information Processing : Combinational and Sequential Circuits, Codes Generation for Optical Communication


Shyamalendu Kandar

Secret Sharing, Visual Cryptography


Sukanta Das

Cellular automata


Surajit Kumar Roy

VLSI testing, 3D IC testing


Tuhina Samanta

Design and analysis of algorithms for VLSI physical design, Design automation for Digital Microfluidic Biochip, Design of Algorithms for sensor network

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