Department of Information Technology
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur

Mission and Vision of the Department

  • The department strives to achieve excellence in academics, innovations, research, and development of personnel, well equipped and inclined to take up the challenges in the fast changing world of information technology through research and entrepreneurial initiative, thereby creating true value of technology for the society.
  1. The mission of the department is to be acknowledged amongst the best in the realm of information technology. We have always placed our priorities in the development and promotion of technology which will have high social impact in our national interest.
  2. To provide education at under graduate and post graduate level containing wide coverage in theory and practice starting from basic, fundamental to emerging subjects pertaining to Information Technology.
  3. To nurture and strengthen creativity, to encourage students in higher education, training for developing ability in innovative and applied research, to develop problem solving capability of the students, to hone the students' professional skills to the highest level.
  4. To inculcate the culture of innovation and encourage entrepreneurship.
  5. To undertake sponsored research to explore the new vistas of technology.

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